Friday December 20, 2013 22:14

65.5M SP PVP, plexing moneymaker, Logistics V/ Leadership and lots more

Posted by EVE Online Character as Accounts for Sale

Original Owner of Account,

In top 2000 on BattleClinic,

2004 Character

65.5M SP with 800k unallocated, 2 Remaps available!

Most T2 drones (except EW) available

All T2 guns (except large projectiles), nearly 15M SP in gunnery alone!

Command Ships V, Logistics V, Amarr/Gallente BS, Cruiser, Frig V, Minmatar cruiser, frig V

HACs,HICs,Inty.Recon,Electronic Attack Ships IV

Gang bonuses including mindlink capability for Armored Warfare

Just a Skillbook away from all T2 missiles except HAM

Positive wallet but NEGATIVE sec status.

Hauler/Transport Ship alt with almost 4M SP also

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