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81+ Million Skillpoint Fighter

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81+ Million Skillpoint Fighter


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Here is a ‘must have’ uber 5 year old fighter with 81+ Million Skillpoints. This character has 24 Gunnery Skills trained, 22 to level 5, the other 2 to level 4, for a total of 20+ Million Skillpoints in Gunnery alone!

This Amarr pilot also has all learning skills at level 5 and +5 Implants to all Attributes to insure the fastest possible learning time.

This ‘must have’ character learns fast! He also has 5 Hardwiring Implants that add 3% to Energy Turret Damage, 5% Repair Bonus (he armor tanks), -3% Explosion Radius Bonus (missles, negative is good), -3% Turret Capacitor bonus–all turrets (again, a negative number is good), -3% Repair Duration bonus (yes, negative is good).

Here are his Attributes:

WILL 31, INT 27, MEM 25, PER 20, CHA 19.

He fights very well in his armor tanked Abaddon Battleship with superfast capacitor recharge and can withstand a great deal of damage while dishing out damage.

Abaddon fitted as follows: Upgrade Hardpoints slots: 2x Capacitor Control Circuit II, 1x Capacitor Control Circuit I (last time I looked you could not have 3x CCC IIs, hence the CCC I).

High Slots: 7x Mega Pulse Laser II (ouch time). And for those pesky, close range frigates, 1x Cruise Missle Launcher II, 4 Hammerhead I Drones and 3 Valkyrie I Drones.

Mid Slots: 4x Capacitor Recharger II (mmm… power)

Low Slots: 2x Darkblood Armor Repairer (fast armor tank), 1x Armor Explosive Hardener II, 1x Armor Thermic Hardener II, 1x Armor Kinetic Hardener II, 1x Amarr Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane (across the board armor damage reduction), and 1x Capacitor Power Relay II.

With the Hardeners active his Armor Resistances are: Electromagnetic (EM)– 71.78%, Explosive– 78.80%, Kinetic–80.13%, Thermal– 82.78%.

With all Hardeners on and both Armor Repairers on, he will maintain 50% capacitor charge until the cows come home. Naturally, this does not take into consideration his firing his weapons. Regardless, the cap recharge is superfast with that setup.

He also has:

Redeemer Tech II Black Ops Battleship: I did not use this ship in battle so I fitted it as I saw fit. Improved Cloaking Device II, Covert Jump Portal Generator I, Cynosural Field Generator I, 100 MN MWD I, Analyser I, Sensor Booster II, Large Hull Repairer II, Large Armor Repairer II, Co-Processor II, 5x Warp Core Stabilizer II. Has 5 open High Slots. Has 100k of Liquid Ozone in stock.

Scorpion Battleship: unfitted except for Quad LIF Fueled Booster Rockets I, and roughly 1500 Cruise Missles covering all damage types in the cargo hold.

Apocalypse Battleship: Unfitted.

Dominix Battleship: Unfitted.

Abaddon Battleship: Spare with 3x Auxiliary Nano Pump I in the Upgrade Harpoint slots. Otherwise unfitted.

Scorpion Battleship: (another one) Upgrade Hardpoint Slots: Capacitor Control Circuit I, Ancillary Current Router I, Trimark Armor Pump I. 6x Cruise Missle Launcher II, Heavy Pulse Laser II, Gatling Pulse Laser II. 100 MN MWD, 5x Cap Recharger II. Large Armor Repairer II. 4 unfitted lowslots remaining.

Tritan Frigate: Partially fitted.

Covetor Mining Barge: Unfitted.

Badger Mark II Industrial Freighter: 5 unfitted slots with rest of slots used for expanded cargohold, afterburner, medium shield and 1x Miner II.

He has a variety of Cruise Missle and Torpedo Blue Print copies, among others. Has a collection of accumulated weapons, fittings, NPC drops, etc., which I don’t care to count.

Has Skill Books for Empire Control, Ethnic Relations, Megacorp Management, Starbase Defense, Sentry Drone Interfacing, Political Connections, Trade Connections, Gallente Battleship (spare book), Minmatar Battleship, Minmatar Cruiser and Minmatar Industrial.

Was doing lvl 4 agent missions when my wife threatened me with divorce =/

Clone: Clone Grade Sigma (stores 92,500,000 SkillPoints).

Has over half a billion (500,000,000) Isk after purchasing skills, etc.

His Space Ship Command is, well, very commanding. He can fly a wide range of ships including Exhumers and he is level 5 for that one. If you look at his skills below you will find he has many level 5 Space Ship Command Skills.

In fact he has 101 skills at level 5. This makes him extremely versatile, and extremely good at what he does.

Plus, his Security Status is positive and he has never been a pirate and has no enemies.

This rare and unique 81+ million skillpoint character took me 5 years to build.

The Fighter’s skills are shown HERE. Click this link to see the fighter’s skills.

No point in waiting to purchase this Unique and Rare Character. Treat yourself to a Holiday gift and BUY NOW!

24 Hour Delivery!

*****Original CD Key Provided*****

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