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Click “Buy” above to view accounts that are ready for immediate delivery or click “Sell/Trade” to receive an instant quote for your account. The following Eve Online Accounts below maybe available for sale or on consignment. Please contact customer support for pricing and information.

Eve Online Accounts for Sale/Consignment

Account for Sale

Main Character Information
For Sale for ISK 2 basic Hulk characters.

Account Information
As above two hulk characters for sale, giving you guys first dibs on them before I whore them out to the character bazaar in a couple of days. Asking for isk or plex. I will transfer to your account of choosing. Highlights ~3 mill sp Industry V Mining V Ice Harvesting V Astrogeology V Mining Upgrades IV Hull upgrade II Mining Barge V Exhumers III Let me know if you are interested and make me an offer. Keep in mind it will cost me 2 plex to transfer so that is essentially the minimum offer I will consider (but not likely)

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