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Click “Buy” above to view accounts that are ready for immediate delivery or click “Sell/Trade” to receive an instant quote for your account. The following Eve Online Accounts below maybe available for sale or on consignment. Please contact customer support for pricing and information.

Eve Online Accounts for Sale/Consignment

Account for Sale

Main Character Information

Account Information
Need to sell the rest of my stock pile. I have over 35b available. $16 = 1 Billion $150 = 10 Billion $420 = 30 Billion I am a verified premium paypal account holder and is the accepted payment method. If in the UK, I would be willing to accept cash on delivery for a complete buyout of ISK. I can be contacted via the following: /Email – sike49@ – Sike49 Telephone/SMS – +44 7534195930 Facebook – s://facebook/profile.php?id=509953531 Feel free to contact me 24 hours a day, howver please note if I am at work, I will contact you back later. I am more than willing to provide the bulk discounts over multiple transactions if you desire the added security. Interested in purchasing my entire stock, but feel you deserve more of a discount? Don’t just give up, try me!

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