Sunday December 8, 2013 22:39

EVE ONLINE Jump Freighter Anshar Ark Nomad Rhea ISK

Posted by EVE Online Character as Accounts for Sale

You are bidding on a jump freighter. It will be the jump freighter of your choice: Anshar , Ark , Nomad or Rhea .

As you may already know, the jump freighter is the ultimate hauling ship. With the huge cargo and the capital ability of jumping over problematic solar systems, it is the solution to any kind of hauling job. From the comfortable high security to the not always as friendly as you wish 0.0 space, this is the best option to move things around.
Of course, you can always choose to directly sell it for the ISK, and in this case it is no small sum we’re talking: they go these days for around 4-4.5 billion ISK, which is quite a lot by any standards.Also, this is a much safer way to trade for ISK than pruchasing currency directly.

Once purchased, the item will be promptly delivered to you by contract or direct trade in one of the following places: Jita.
Please remember to include your character’s name in the payment details for a faster, smoother transaction.
Fly safe!

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